The Lighthouse

March 2, 2012
By theroze BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
theroze BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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In the center rises the lighthouse,
Tall and majestic
Behind it lies the light keepers house,
Straight and sturdy
Guarded by a white picket fence
Everything is perfect,
Yard well kept,
Fresh coat of paint on the house,
Windows washed

I have no intention of joining this world,
Where everything is just so
Straight lines,
Mistakes are buried and never spoken of,
Live in this world where mom cooks and cleans,
Dad tends to the light and keeps an eye on the weather
Where children are seen, never heard
Never wanted a part of this stereotypical world,
But sometimes I wouldn't mind all that much

When things get crazy and I can't keep up,
When all I want is five seconds to breathe and catch up
Then I wouldn't mind so much
Have a set routine,
No room for error

Or, if that's not possible to disappear,
Disappear to the top of the lighthouse
Stand at the railing and look out at the ocean
And at that moment,
All my problems become petty and meaningless,
Because compared to the ocean,
Everything is a grain of sand

You and me stand there,
Our problems and fights,
Disappearing with each wave
The things we have overcome,
Meaning so much more
And knowing in that moment,
That together we can cross this ocean trying to break us apart
Together, we will make it

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