The Only One To Blame

March 2, 2012
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You have nothing to do, but look confused.
To smile even though you’re not amused.
Amused! As if you could be,
Your heart is low and empty.

No doubts, but regrets
Your life is nothing but a mess.
But its not your fault right?
Its theirs!
But of course life is not fair.

She was born to capture
Not to set free.
Born to set flames to all your dreams.
If she had a choice should would do exactly the same.
She wouldn’t care if she’s the blame.

To make it through her maze, you must be cautious
Because she, the world, is nothing, but flawless.
She sits on her thrown and do nothing but taunt us.

Outsmart her! Do it, I bet you could.
Replace the person which once stood.
But you don’t want to.
You just want to blame.
Live your life in shame.

Its your fault really.
You don’t care.
It doesn’t matter if she’s fair
But there you are in the ditch we call life.
Unhappy through the day and night.
A Hypocrite! That’s what you became
You’ve buried head in shame.
You looked at the crowd and did the same.
That’s the whole tragic truth
You’ve gotten old and spoiled your youth.
But you’ve blamed everyone but the one person responsible.
To ask you to change is past impossible.
Because your selfishness could not be tamed.
Still in the end.... you.... were the one to blame.

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