Hard Times

March 6, 2012
By smartrunner22 GOLD, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
smartrunner22 GOLD, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail.

No good deed goes unpunished.
Now my life’ll never be, wat it once was.
Too good for my own good,
Those who know me always knew I would.
Seems like the world would kill me if it could
But all I want right nows to be, understood.
Everythin hurts and we know its bad.
In the hospital, and that just make me mad.
But that aint the worst, the rest is hard to say.
No one to love, prayin to the one above
Just for some compassion, cuz I be stashin,
All my pain.
Don’t mattah if I make it rain.
Im still gon feel depressed
I always feel the same.
. . .
Hit the clubs wit yo buds, they say this’ll make it better.
But that just make it worse man
Jealousy really hurts.
My best mans with a girl,
He’s found his future wife.
Man look at him, what a life.
My other man be hookin up wit some ho
Now they doin it some more, in front of my face-
Just give me some space.
I just got rejected and I’m feelin out of place.
Alone in the corner, watch my friends roundin second base.
But all I really want is that loving embrace.
Want causes hate
Im hatin u for yo fate
Wen yo fate is something as simple as a date.
But you the closest friend I have
Don’t know what I be doin, it must be getting late.
Runnin by walkin out the door
And my feelins almost tore me in half,
But not before I snapped.
That was on the inside
Now I still feel trapped.
Maybe my life should just be scrapped.
But that is not an option
I guess I must adapt.
. . .
Man I know Ive got a problem.
I’m almost at the bottom.
Christmas comin and I’m always solemn.
People ask me for whom I’m greivin.
I tell em me, but they not believing
Somethin’s died inside.
I run away and hide.
Just hopin someone finds me.
But even if they don’t,
Itd be nice to know they tried…

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