A Dark Escape

March 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Hopeless days and sleepless nights.
It seems that’s how I must live my life.
And you can’t say that you know what its like
Until you’ve let go of hope and picked up the knife.
It happens so fast.
Now you’re left with scars to remind you of your past.
You say just once.
But it happens again.

Watch the blood run down your arm.
Your hurtin yourself but you mean no harm.
Just lookin for an escape from all this pain
Cuz all your efforts have been in vain.
Now call me crazy, say I’ve lost my mind.
But in my shoes you might find
The knife is the only solution I can see
But you wouldn’t understand, unless you were me.

Believe me I’m trying
If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be crying.
I’m searching for hope
But my days stay the same.
So here I am, waiting for pain,
To take me away from the rest of the day…

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