The Night

March 6, 2012
Sleep often eludes me
For at night, my thoughts run wild
And I’m scared like a child
Like the monster under my bed wants my head
Except I’m not scared of dying, cuz some days I wish I was dead.
But theres something out there I fear
And its something very real.
No one else can see the monsters
And that makes it harder to deal.
Live alone with my fears
They cloud my mind, I can’t see clear.
You might think the days get better
When these thoughts go away for the day.
But somehow the feelings are still there
I’m not lying I swear.
Now back to the night we go
And now I’m really feeling low.
But somewhere in the night is hiding
Something I can confide in.
The dark and cold of the night
Remind me of my own life.
Dark, quiet, alone and sad.
The night is like my only friend that understands.
My mind is my enemy
The night is my friend.
My struggles continue
They seem to have no end.
These wounds go deep
And what is broken you cannot mend.
I do feel hopeless
No longer will I pretend.
I’m not alright
There’s nothing better in sight
But for now I walk on.
Into the night.

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