March 6, 2012
Sometimes I feel dead inside
Waiting for sleep,
These eyes open wide.
My thoughts just haunt me,
Like a ghost
And they are the things that scare me the most.
My friends tell me these fears are not real,
But I turn around and my demons are still here.
This fright of mine I try to conceal.
There is no way that I can deal.
I’m bad at everything I do,
I haven’t had a day when I didn’t feel blue.
The friendzone is like my home
Livin life, all alone.
Maybe loneliness is a part of me
But the pain it brings, my friends can see
Maybe even pain is a part of me.

I hate who I am…
You think my life is great? God damn!
I may look tough but I’m a sensitive man.
Have you got a problem? Cuz I’ve got some too.
I’m ugly, I’m slow, unathletic, pathetic, and no one loves me.
But with all these things my friends disagree.
I’m lost, I’m confused
I don’t know who I am.
But whoever I am, I still don’t wanna be me.
These demons they haunt me, even in my dreams
But I can’t run away
My demons are me…

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