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March 6, 2012
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Taller and taller it grows
When it will stop no will know
The leaves transform in the fall
Orange, yellow, red
In winter they’ll be dead
When spring is here
They’ll appear again

Time to Sleep?

I drifted into a deep sleep
Once I had finished counting sheep
It had been a tiring day
Of so much work
No time to get away
So when the day was over
I said good night to my dog Rover
And trudged upstairs to bed
I started counting sheep inside my head
Then I realized it wasn’t night!
Because the sun was shining bright
My parents gave me no warning
That it was actually ten in the morning


Mighty, tall, strong
Magnificent, beautiful
Wonderful Maple tree


E-entertaining to all that meet her
M-makes everyone’s lives interesting
I-is fun to be around
L-laughs all the time
Y-you won’t be bored when you’re with her


As the sun slips away
The darkness takes over
After the lights go out
Night falls upon us
The stars come out of hiding
When the children drift to sleep
Night comes again


The moon is full on Halloween
It’s a sight that must be seen
Kids are dressed in their costumes
Witches fly on their brooms
The children’s bags are full of candy
Filled with things that are so dandy
Looking forward to next year
Excited for another night of fear!

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