Empty Rooms

March 6, 2012
By Shannon Roulet BRONZE, Nokesville, Virginia
Shannon Roulet BRONZE, Nokesville, Virginia
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It’s so loud,
In this house full of nobody.
I can hear no one shouting from down the hall,
I can hear nothing at the top of the stairs.
I can hear the hot water not running in the bath,
and I can see the pools of water across the floor not there.
I can feel the warmth of the steam not on my skin.
I’m not actually worried.
I’m just a little concerned.

The house is always full now.
Full of vacant rooms, and cold floors, and empty mirrors,
Broken promises, flat jokes, and silent voices.
I find myself knocking on the doors,
of empty rooms.
I don’t want to walk in on anything,
that might be rude.

I can feel myself falling,
there’s no one to catch me.
All my bridges are burned,
and the fire is spreading.
I can feel the flames lick my feet,
as I descend further.
and further, and further.

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