When I Dropped the Gun

March 5, 2012
This is a story
About something once hidden
About something far from glory...
Well, here, just listen

Young and short-sighted
My blind, infant eyes slighted
The ever erudite embers
Choking its members

This gun, this shackle
Held my ambitions captive
This gun, this horrid debacle
Rendered me inactive

My dear roots were frayed
Fleeting time further stunted
Each deadly shot- a game I played
Refuge I hunted

Haven from the weight
A shelter from my own skin
To live in the sky with diamonds
If only for now

Struck by Athena
I awoke from my coma
Dazed and confused I was withdrawn
Throwing down the gun

That gun, that lotus
Nebulous, but abandoned
Discarded, but not forgotten
Still scraping rust

I was still dormant
The rains of time took over
Eroded away my spotlight
So much could have been

I ran from the guards
Bolted confused and alarmed
Fought breaching my inhibitions
I won the battle

Scars always remain
Reminders of the sharp pain…
Now my life’s a competition
Full of ambition

Only to keep time
To keep away from the line
Forced myself under light that’s lime
To keep life so fine

This is no façade
I’m always a step behind
Pretense crumbles without a nod
No, gun, I won’t bind!

This is the breakthrough
I’ve needed to wake me up
The milestone told me mettle
Just might be enough

This is my story
Learn and heed this monition
That gun and its ammunition
Make life quite gory

Take early notice
So you won’t have to waken
With brains and wits stirred and shaken
And realize like me

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