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March 5, 2012
By Writing2Live GOLD, Tampa, Florida
Writing2Live GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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How could I ever forget that day?
The day when your brown slender body tossed its self onto the cold bathroom floor, I won’t forget that day, and until last year, 2011, I blamed me for not saving you. Flashbacks and memories ran through my head, but I was thirteen didn't’t know what to do! My mind raced because didn't’t know if I was to hold you in my arms until you left me, or turn away in fear.
I screamed when they took you from me because I needed you! I needed you to be that one that was for me when people were against me.
I needed your love. And through the course of the thirteen years I spent with you, you gave me that, so to ask for you to prolong on Earth to suffer would be selfish. Ignorant, to ask God to bring you back….Second Corinthians says to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord, and I know to be in heaven watching me from above, is what you deserve.
So the tears that pour from my eyes and race down my cheeks are the happy tears, because I often feel frustrated knowing that I lost someone as good as you, when I should be thankful for the privilege of meeting someone like you, but it took me to overcome the grief.
And realizing that every Kodak, Nikon, and Polaroid moment we shared together was worth more than this poem, worth more than a thousand words because that snap shot wasn’t just a joining of two strangers, but it was US.
A snap shot of an unbreakable bond.

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