The Message In These Lifeless Eyes

March 5, 2012
Stare into theese lifeless eyes

And hold me in your arms.

Don't ever let me loose to fly

Cause I need you like a scared child in thee dark.

Tell me theat you'll always be theere for me

And theat you'll keep all thee monsters away.

Save me from my darkest fears

So I can sleep peacefully until thee next day.

Hold my hand when I get scared

To calm down my mind.

Love me withe a love

That nowhere else I'll ever find.

Be my superhero, babe,

And defeat thee evil villains.

Take down theese evil forces

That come at me from all men.

Take me to a safe place

Far away from all thee bad.

Take me theere withe haste

To keep the world from turning me mad.

Guard my feeble heart

As if it were your own.

Never let it experience harm

So it can always be reposed.

Don't ever leave me by myself

To face thee drowning waters of theis earthe.

Let your love be a place for me to forever dwell

And like a dog fall asleep by its warm hearthe.

Stare into these lifeless eyes,

And hear thee requests of my soul.

See thee various signs

That tell you where I want our life togetheer to go.

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LandOfDarkness said...
Mar. 31, 2012 at 5:40 pm
I loved this because you describe perfectly how you want this person to protect you, and I love your choice of words. Keep up the good work!
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