Lemons And Sugar

March 5, 2012
Together we both lie here on the black plate, the darkness.
Wondering how someone could possibly place us side by side and bring about this astounding and unfamiliar taste.
The acid, infusing with a pinch of sweetness just did not seem to satisfy my needs.
Why settle for something that wasn’t meant for me?
Because honestly, I am not for you, and “we” were never meant to be.
Similar to the number eight.
A positive eight and a negative eight balance the equation, and there appears zero!
The “neutral” number.
Yet to me, that zero symbolizes nothing.
Nothing you have to offer, neither do I have to gain.
So instead of being trapped in this endless mathematical problem,
It’s best if you stay where you are, on the opposite side of the plate.
To free ourselves from any pain.

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