Through a Dirty Window

March 10, 2008
Through a dirty window stares a girl
Lost in a dark and lonely world
She shuts her eyes tightly to hide away
Doesn't want to be seen anymore today
All day every day, she is told lies
Holding her bear for hours she cries
She can't help but wish they were dead
'Cause the only color she sees is red
Red on her clothes and red on her face
Happiness is a dying race
She runs away and runs very far
It's getting cold and it's growing dark
She sleeps where she can and eats what's there
Her only comany is her tattered bear
Trees hide shadows and bushes hold eyes
The sound of rustling and animal's cries
She falls to the ground in pain and fear
Wishing that she had never come here
Her mind paints a picture of warmth and care
She opens her eyes and now she's there
In the arms of an angel she rests in peace
Never again in fear at least

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