The One

March 3, 2012
By Ariel123 BRONZE, ATHENS, Texas
Ariel123 BRONZE, ATHENS, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
" I know we far from perfect, but i feel like this is worth it"

Once in a lifetime “the one” will come around
You may not know it then, but you will figure it out sooner or later right?
Distance isn’t a real reason to stop fighting.
Its just a test of how much you love and trust someone
6 months straight I suffered without you
I’m not suffering anymore
Im trying to show I’m worth it
Its hard because this is the first real thing Ive ever had
Ive never had to put myself out there like this
Never have I had to show my feelings
I don’t know what to do right now, you just have to give me time to show them
Yes its been 11 months and I should be able to show them to you
But I was raised different
I never had to show them to anyone I just keep it all bottled up and hiding
I know were far from perfect, but I do feel this is worth it
Do you disagree with that?
I made you fight for me and now its time to show you that im worth it all
I love you more than I could ever show you
I cant let you go
Your my world and my heart
I just hope this shows you so..

The author's comments:
The possible breaking up of me and my love

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