Waiting for the Sun

March 3, 2012
We sat, side by side,
Beneath the big oak tree.
Glass bottles of fizzy Coca-Cola
Clinking clumsily.

Our love was simple:
I like you, you like me.
We bumped elbows together
Under our big oak tree.

Your round eyes were blue
Like that robin’s egg we found
Adventuring all day in my backyard.
Eyes cast skyward, our faces browned.

We clambered up ancient branches
And got scratches on our knees.
On that high bough we sat close together.
“When we get bigger, want to marry me, please?”

“Forever and ever!”
Ignorance is bliss.
With cherry popsicle-stained lips,
we shared a sweet, sticky kiss.

Out of nowhere thundered a summer storm.
We climbed down, lickety-split, and ran down the street
Seeking shelter on my front porch -
Rain mixed with popsicle and grass on bare feet.

We held hands and waited for the sun.

Now we’ve long since outgrown these magical wonders.
We’re older and wiser, more than a little blue.
As we remember grass stains and wide eyes and whole hearts.
We’re still waiting for the sun, me and you.

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