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Desolate Separation

February 25, 2012
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Binding road we travel comes to a fork or bend

A lonely heart’s journey…becomes a destination’s end

But when I see purple skies at dusk, still I’m feeling blue

Yes I still continue on my searching, until I rediscover you

When we dance together I feel the music touch my soul

And when the dance is over, our touch becomes so cold

If there was any way feelings could travel through time

They would cross the past and present to see the future in your eyes

Falling like the starlight on a midnight summer’s dream

Over each and every sky and all the land is green

Running through a hope that never seems to disappear

Maybe I’m holding you at night so I can let go of my fears

Eventually, yes I know, all good things must come to closure

After all things start to fade as every heart grows older

No more silver tears so warm to run colder

Departure is too hard….if we don’t say it’s over

In a somber November chill, and the unbending March of will

Carelessly in love with what is so serene

And one more time I take chance….for what I do believe

Nostalgic like children in the days of youth and love

Wilting only when there’s nothing left for us above

Answers never seem to come when we call for them

Inside the broken things of life, anything we can still mend

Tidal waves voyeur one love two doves to the shore

Fortune smiles upon the ones who seek less than more

On a somber evening, a heart’s wavelength still holds dear

Rising like the sun when I know you’re near

Yesterday meant nothing as long as today was real to you

Only when we surrender to fear does suffering come true

Under all of hell’s flames I’d withstand, if I did it with you

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