Two Way Mirror

February 23, 2012
By , Spokane, WA
You lie to everyone around you,
But I know the truth.
People see a loving, caring guy,
But i see the person that you hide.

There's a monster that's lurking behind your surface,
A snake slithering in the grass.
A person willing to kill me,
But you cover it all up with a laugh.

I'v tried to coax you out into the light,
But you avoid every attempt I make.
Iv tried to tell people what your really like,
But people don't believe your fake.

You hate me, and your entire family, and even most of our friends.
Your even trying to break Adam up with his awesome girlfriend.

I hate you.
Everybody should.
If they dislike you, at least they see a little bit of who you truly are when their not around.
How your mean,
And hateful.
And how you boss everyone around.

Maybe when they train you in the air force, you'll get some manners.
For now you'll just keep being a Two way mirror.
And hurt people in your life that are supposed to matter.

I hate you with a passion.
Hopefully you'll change from who You are.
Those people in the Air Force are Going to have a rough time when They take you afar.

You've hurt me past,
But it doesn't matter.
But when you Sierra cry,
That me a hell of a lot madder.

"How dare you!"
I want to yell!
Your stupid and now my hate has Grown to so much more.
Not strangling your puny neck when I see you will be such a chore.

If you die tonight,
I honestly wouldn't give a s***.
But I would hope that it was Painful,
Cuz your truly a B****.

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