I want I want I want

February 22, 2012
By Anonymous

I want to see no smile on your face anymore
I want to see tears rolling down your cheeks
I don't want you to walk out the door
Stay hear and cry with me

I want you to understand how I feel
When you say such harsh words
Know why I want to kill
Know how much it hurts

I'd tell you what you tell me
But you'd smile like it's all fine
You'd act like it doesn't hurt
You'd even thank me like it's kind

But you'll never know that it's never kind
You'll never know that I am never okay
You have hurt this innocent girl
For the very last time today

I want to make a change
I want you to stop hurting me
I want it to all be okay
I want to be able to breathe

No one should feel this hurt
No one should want to die
No one should feel this unwanted
No one should ever cry

So let's take a stand
Let's end this pain
We can change the country
From California all the way to Maine

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