The Other Side Of Heaven

February 26, 2012
By dreamwriter13 SILVER, Springfield, Virginia
dreamwriter13 SILVER, Springfield, Virginia
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Through shadows gloom and quiet torment I see the gleam of dawn
Across the turmoil of Lover’s Sea, I can feel the warmth of your absent touch
Longing for the burn of passion and the whisper of your words, lost but not gone
Beneath the realms of the silenced and forsaken your outstretched hand I clutch

You pulled me through and carried me across the shore, then laid upon the sand
With a sweet caress along my cheek you smiled and kissed the tears away
Our fingers intertwined within the sands of time, we travel hand in hand
A happiness as simple as a rose but a beauty no less radiant than an eternal blaze

I have seen the vile reprobate within the wicked words of lies and the cries within these wars
Scars deep inside the womb of my heart gnaw closer to my demise
There is a place, a world of dreams with euphoric love and boundless bliss, one could ask no more.
It lies inside our love, life a fleeting adventure but the heart lives past the ageless night

Our souls not stained by treachery nor damned to the poison of virulent hate
Our choices have created the image through the light and bend the will of mind
It is mind over matter with which we defy the laws, our life is not defined by fate
Though the look in your eyes gives me hope for an image of peace and intentions innocent and kind

Through valleys deep and mountains piercing the sky we have traveled through elegance and grotesque aberrations
Moments of defined perfection within the memories in each comforting embrace
This journey soon forgotten among the shores, though engraved in everlasting generations
You have taken me beyond the borders of my thought, to the other side of heaven where love remains

The author's comments:
This piece is about how someone I love makes me feel, how he is always in my heart and that he has taken me far beyond just the gates of heaven.

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