What would be doesn't change what is.

February 26, 2012
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Another day passes,
But yet I feel the same.
Like it is God's fault you're gone,
And he is solely the one to blame.
I doubt I will ever understand,
Or that I'll think it was meant to be.
Because never could I hope,
A little girl was meant to grow up without a daddy.
Sure, I have a new dad,
And he means the world to me.
But there will always be that thought,
Of how different my life could be.
Would I be a daddy's girl?
Would I still be a drama queen?
Would it change who I am?
What would having you back mean?
I don't think I'll get over this,
I shouldn't even try.
Because while God gave me the strength to carry on,
He gave me the heart to cry.
Maybe in another time, maybe in a different place,
Things would be so different,
It wouldn't take a photo to Be able to know your face.
But for now I should just move on,
And accept what will never be.
But I just want you to know dad:
You'll always be my Daddy.

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