They say this...They Say That.

February 26, 2012
By Anonymous

They say we are the generations of tomorrow.
the doctors,researchers,engineers of tomorrow.
the constructors.

The ones that give information like they were once given.
the ones that begin to live like the ones who had liven.
The ones who fix a heart,As there's were once broken themselves.
The ones who will acknowledge,what they Didn't before.

The ones that will stand longer then the mysterious lands.
These Lands are mysterious So their ain't no Duration.
The ones that will Talk, As they Once observed.
The ones That will hire as they Once Served.
The ones that will cry For living a Lie.
The ones that will overcome a fear, whilst another is wiping their last tear.

Which one will you become?
Maybe I'm just deluding You ?
But why Hope against hope.

They say this..They say that?
Who are they i ask?
you decide?!

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