February 12, 2012
By day I’m a little kid,
With my superpowers hid,
All that normal stuff I did,
Ok yeah that was a lie,
I was never a normal guy,
Cause I like my chopped chicken on rye,
So back to the story,
Before this starts to bore me,
By day I’m a zero,
At night a superhero,
I save lives and wives and dads and nuns,
Without knives or whips or cars or guns,
Up late every night way past the wee hour,
Waking up every morning with a cold shower,
U might think a lot of boredom till that wee time.
But I could just sit here and time till outta rhyme,
Whoops sorry that’s backwards,
I’m using some whack words,
If you eat beets you make black turds,
Cause were dealing with black birds,
The raven is craving the taste of human skin,
He takes his razor sharp beak and pecks your eyes right in,
Aren’t you mad when you’re his din din,
But this’ll only happen when I fail,
And the other family’s wail,
They cry many tears,
Buy many beers,
Forget many fears,
As there end nears,
It starts with a situation,
Not a yo-yo and a Haitian,
Some reasons,
Cause your fat,
Cause your whit,
Cause your black,
Or not right,
Cause you screw up,
Cause you grew up,
Maybe the wrong way,
Or no partner and your gay,
I’m here,
No fear,
My dear,
Come ,here,
Let loose just vent,
Kind of like repent,
But don’t change where you’re going,
Because the demons I be knowing,
Said hell worked out,
Your cells picked out,
Right next to mine
U’ll be just fine
I’m like god but real,
I save the lost,
Before their body is tossed,
Into the piles,
That stretch for miles,
All the while,
It’s at a cost,
I go insane,
I feel no pain,
I can’t have love,
I push and shove,
But I think it’s good,
I feel it’s what should,
Always happen,
So necks aren’t snappin,
We get looked down upon,
Frowned upon,
Spat upon,
Shat upon,
We are not a sit upon,
We will get up on,
Our own feet,
This amazing feat,
Is brought to you,
By mw you see,
I keep them alive,
I make them strive,
To dive,
Off the cliff,
On the way they biff,
Turn right around,
Feet flat on ground,
And screams,
This isn’t what it seems,
I won’t die to make you happy,
You can walk rite up and slap me,
Switch now I make your life crappy,
If you don’t get it,
Don’t sweat it,
There’s no credit,
In being the first of the worst,
And the best of the last,
f.y.i your time has passed,
You’re looking a little gassed,
You we are stronger,
Built for longer,
Because we are,

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