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Everything we did,
It was so faceless.
Everything we tried,
It was so tasteless.
Now I'm asking myself if it's worth remembering,
As you start to ramble about how I've been changing.
We both know that something's been misplaced.
I can look at you and not even recognize your face.
Lately it's been going downhill.
It's all my fault,
You feel the need to yell.
I'm just trying to fix it,
Make you forget it.
How can I get better if I'm at my best?
How can we go from being careless,
To you saying you couldn't care less?
I feel I missed something here.
One second we were shining,
Now we're burning through the atmosphere.
Heading on our way to the ground,
Everything we hear,
Doesn't make a sound.
I'm going through my list of what-if's,
Because everything we're saying now is just so meaningless.

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