The Final Soccer Game

February 28, 2012
By , Mattawan, MI
When the referee put the ball down a loud shriek came from his whistle. The game has started. With kids 12-14 running up down the field trying to score a goal. A kid on the other team had the ball he dribbled and did jazzy moves with his feet, as he kicked the ball grass flew in every direction, the ball came at me like a bullet that came from a gun. As the ball came towards me I sure hope I can save this. I saved it I barely got my hand on the ball. When I got up I calmed my self down by saying to myself Were going to win. As I was standing I kicked the ball to Joey. Joey ran down the field to the other goal.

He shoots he scores. Everyone in the stands was on their feet. 1-0 our lead. After 5 minutes the 1st half ended. My coach was saying stuff I didn’t understand because I was zoned out because I was saying to my self Coach will let you play goalie. My coach got my attention and told me I was playing goalie. When the whistle blew to start the second half. The other team had the ball and dribbled it to our goal. When he kicked the ball One of our guys got a hand ball. As the kid blue and yellow cleats came upon the ball the ball spun in the air like a miracle round. I got a hold of myself and saved the ball from the fierce kick saved the ball from going in the net. After the save my coach took me out so I could play on the field and since we have a 2-0 lead. After that they scored 2-1 our lead. As my nervousness died down the goalie on the other team got hurt. I hope he’s okay I said to myself. With ten minutes left in the game my coach put me in so I could take the free kick because the other team had a hand ball. As the referee put the ball on the ground and blow his whistle letting me know I can kick the ball. As I approached the ball running as fast as I can, I kicked the ball with my toe with all my might. My toe was hurting but that didn’t stop me from watching the ball as it went in the net. Goal!!!!! Everyone on my team cheered as I came running down the field to high five my coach. 3-1 our lead, with less than 5 minutes in the game. Pain in my toe suddenly went away.In the final seconds of the game the other team trying forcefully to score a goal with their mad feet running in every direction.

5,4,3,2,1 rrrrrrrrrrrrr. We won the game 3-1 against the team we were tied with for 1st place. As the fans came running down the field we won the division 12-0 undefeated. We all got medals for being in first place. That's the game I will always remember.

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