The true meaning of Prejudice

February 24, 2012
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Most people think we know the meaning of the word, Prejudice. But if you think about it

do you really know the meaning?
Prejudice is like the brown, dirt road that never comes to an end.
Prejudice is a pool of tears from people that has lost their kids, mom,dad,and friends.
Prejudice is the sound of weeping coming from the Jewish mothers that lost their little

boys and girls from the Holocaust.

Prejudice is when we are fighting just because we have different religions.

Prejudice is the tears of pain that come from the heart.
Prejudice is the fear of all Jews that something like the Holocaust will happen again.
Prejudice is like school, all the gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are treated differently

because of the way their heart is.

Prejudice is just like acne, nobody wants it and nobody likes it.

Prejudice is like the smell of the dead.

Prejudice is like the taste of rotten fruit.
So ask yourself this are you Prejudice? Do you REALLY know what the true meaning is?

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