Plain Jane

February 23, 2012
This is our society,
Where beauty is seen so differently.
The thing we idealize,
the qualities that hypnotize
bodies that mesmerize
that young girls idolize
watching from their TV screens.

Our society on the cover of a magazine.

I ask: “Mirror mirror, what do you see?
When you look at me?”
Because in our society
My beauty is seen as an atrocity.

Natural Beauty,
A natural catastrophe.

This hair and these eyes,
They don’t hypnotize
I don’t mesmerize.

I’m a plain Jane
I see my reflection in a window pain
and my tears fall like rain
I’m so tired with this game.

Aren’t you people educated?
Our models are desiccated!
Their bodies hang from their bones,
Skin sags until they look like crones.

My family says I’m beautiful
You are beautiful
I am beautiful.

I hear the word so often,
It’s lost its meaning
Even less with my hair-line receding.

This world is so bogus
when it comes to focus
on the things that really mean something.

I want to hear it on TV.
I just want people to see
What’s so beautiful about me.

Is it so bad to think,
that society might link
the way someone acts with their inner beauty?

This is our society
Our catastrophe, our atrocity!
And we have to fix it.

I’ll start with me.
I love my beauty.
I love the way it defines me
how it says what I could be.

Because I love this hair and these eyes
I don’t need contacts and I don’t need dyes.
The man that I love agrees with me.
He doesn’t care about the way I fix my hair or the clothes I wear
to dinner.

He loves me and my beauty
He doesn’t care about society
This is the way things should be.

But this is OUR society!
We need our beauty.
We need our “pretty”.

Young girls wave it like signs
Building shrines to the gods,
hoping for some ray of sunshine,
to shine upon their face
and get rid of those nasty marks of age.

Why do my teeth need to be straight?
My smile was already great!
Why do I need to lose weight?
When inside of me lies the power to create.
The power to say “no!”
to those hypocrites who sow
hatred towards those who are merely “pretty”.
They need beauty.
Because this is OUR society.

I ask the world:
What do you see, when you look at me?
Am I pretty?
Do you see this beauty?

These little girls should see
That what they need
Doesn’t lie in those magazines.
I scream like a banshee
hoping for someone to save me
from this world that I call home.

When did beauty become an assignment?
Something that required refinement
and so much confinement?

In the ancient times
I didn’t need these rhymes
There was no need to speak my mind.

It was there in the cobblestone streets,
When the larger were the elites
The poor those small petites.

When did it change?
Why did we have to exchange
the past for the present?

I don’t understand
why so much has been banned.
Just for being different from this social upkeep.

We need to be pretty.
We need beauty.
Because this is our society.

I imagine a world
Were beauty is seen as it should be.
Each pair of eyes hypnotize
and all bodies mesmerize.

This is how it should be.
But this is our society.

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