February 23, 2012
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When you are sad, you need a shoulder.
When you are happy, you need a shoulder.
Every moment you need a shoulder,
But how do you to get a shoulder?

When you have something to share, you realize that there is no shoulder for you to use.
It is so sad!
There won’t be a shoulder always behind you.
You should try to look for it.
It is not difficult to find
If you want to.
Sometimes she will try to give comfort to you.
Right now you should think “ Will she be my shoulder?”
Sometimes there will be many shoulders around you.

You need to choose a good shoulder.
If you choose a bad shoulder, that is very bad for you.
Many people think they don’t need a shoulder.
They are very powerful.
They are very individual.
But they don’t understand
No one is powerful.
No one is an individual.
Everyone has his or her own “weak time”.
During the weak time, everyone wants a shoulder.
They want someone who can listen to their feelings.
They want someone who can comfort them.
In fact, no one wants to show his or her weakness.
It is fine, you can show your weakness to someone.
No on will care about it.
Sometimes showing your weakness can be good for you.
You will have more friends.
Because when you show your weakness to someone,
He will think you trust him.
He will think he is your friend.
When you are sad
When you need help
He is always behind you.

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