February 23, 2012
I thought you loved me
Boy, I was wrong
You don't deserve me
You hurt me for so long

I gave me to you
You changed me
Then you said it was through
Wow, I really did love you

I would have done anything for you
All you had to do was ask

Please understand
I miss you
But I've moved on
And now I no we are through

I found this guy
He reminds me of you
He is mine
He won't give me pain like what you put me through

Everytime I see you
My heart breaks again

Someone please help me
I can't take it anymore
Someone find the key
My heart is so sore

People are calling me a h**
I don't really care
None of them even know

They would understand
If only they knew
I'll give them another chance
But they have to give me one too

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