Hating Him

February 23, 2012

"Do you know what I think of love?
Do you bird? It's stupid.
Your stupid, you stupid dove.

Love, hate, words that can kill.
I have loved. I hate love.
I hate you, like a poor man hates the bill.

You watched us as we danced.
It was marvelous. It was fun.
Fun like that night in France.

You sat in your cage with your lady.
Watched us fight. Watched us kiss.
You saw him kiss that girl Katy.

Why couldn't you have told me!
He lied! He cheated.
Cheated and acted as if there was nothing to see.

He's here now, standing outside.
Do you know? What I'm what going to do?
I'm going to put you to hide.

Then, I'll kill him, I swear it!
He's mean. The face of evil!
Evil, yes, I'll rip him apart bit by bit.

I think I've gone mad.
Am I mad? Am I crazy?
No, not crazy, just sad.

I hate love, it's dumb.
We don't need it! I'm perfectly fine,
I'm fine, and now, I'm going to kill that piece of scum.

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