My Body Never Listens

February 18, 2012
My body lost its soul
Eons ago. The toll
Is absent. To cajole
Any spirit is forlorn.

Its parts feel pain inside
“Confide your pain” they say
“Nay” I always return
My body never listens

My eyes see the world plane
Everything in the vain
Desert of a domain
The infinitesimal

My ears hear all the hurt
That comes from all the dirt
The trash, all they assert
Evoking pity and scorn

My nose smells the foul stench
Rising aloft foul trench
Speaks mindless drudgery
Reeks of warfare puppetry

My tongue tastes the bitter
Petty pride—the litter
Scoffs that utter “quitter”
At a righteous traitor

When I was born my heart
Was frozen from the start
As if there was no part
To feel the “I love you too”

My stomach breaks the gunk
That builds the daily junk
Virtual filth that clogs
With every slug that logs

My hands feel tragedy
Knowing the remedy
Knowing they’ll never see
Forced to embrace comedy

My feet walk yellow brick
On which they can’t derive
The glow to stay alive
Struck down and frost-bitten

They all sense, none listen
They scream in agony
Blind to the apathy
Native to a Nowhere Man

My life, my world all numb
Immune to emotion
Allergic to the love
Abandoned to die

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