Suicide of a flower child

February 18, 2012
Peace is dead
Along with the hearts of men
They drowned in the cold vast shadows of a society run by machines
And I as I lay my head to rest
Ponder my fate and what is best
For this melancholy loveless time

Id like to feign I can change this world
With the power of words and kindnes
But today words are nothing to
The guns and close mindedness

The flowers have died
Crooning for the old anthem
Of unity passion and peace
But unfortunately that is a sound
Many will never meet

The colors have faded now
No more envisages of utopia
No more artists to illuminate the streets
No more happiness is preached

I loose myself in a cloud of smoke
With a hope to never return
For my free spirited heart
Has seen to much grey to turn

And I shall go back
And join the veterans of my time
The peace fighters who took too much to their mind
And we will unite
In a happier place
Were equality and kindess are embraced in fate .

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