Darkness Inside

February 13, 2012
By Solstice BRONZE, Robeline, Louisiana
Solstice BRONZE, Robeline, Louisiana
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The sun comes up
into the sky,

darkness remains
I shall not lie,

THe darkness
thath I feel inside,

Meanacing truths
I can not hide,

In solitude
I am confind,

Even in the light,

I am wounded
bruised and cut,

Others make me
look a mutt,

Within my shell
my soul is shut,

I'm many things
but not a nut,

In my mind
I think out what,

Would be if I was being but,

A tini piece
amoung the set,

If others that
I have met,

Were upon a
pedestol I bet

They would not worry
would not fret,

and then I hope
that the would let,

me be me
and soon forget

They are yet,

still fight
still believe,

That they too
can soon be freed,

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