Day By Day

February 22, 2012
By , Spokane, WA
I was sitting in darkness,
All alone by myself.
When I wondered,
Whats the point of living in hell?

I struggled and i fought,
Thinking it was alright to die,
But every time i would hold a gun or a knife,
I would only start to cry.

I would look in the mirror,
And hate everything I would see,
I never dared to even think that,
I might actually be pretty.

Than I went to school,
And made some friends I liked.
But every time I was around them,
I would always have a mask to hide behind.

I hid where no one would find me.
Locked behind the prison bars of my mind.
Until one day i figured out that,
It wasn't worth it to hide.

All the pain and the grief
That had been locked away for Years,
Broke free and streamed down my face in a form of tears.

Everyone saw them.
My message finally got a crossed.
Everything that I had felt,
People saw.

I am getting help.
I have days that are better,
And that are worse.
I'll be fully rid of this curse.

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