Begone you liars!

February 10, 2012
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I look down at you all you actors, you actresses
You liars and children who hide behind a façade
For one day you all come around in respect and move on
But not realizing our friendship is long gone.
You dull puppets that leave not even a hint of joy
BEGONE! For I have no use for such dull toys
And you who could so easily say it to my face but refused,
BEGONE! I shalt not converse with someone who places me so lowly.
You few who come and act as though you’ve been a part of my life
AWAY WITH YOU! I bear no fondness for strangers!
You fool who cannot even write it out for my own pleasure,
BE SILENT! You cannot speak to me with such lazy tongues!
You girls, who add sugar to your speech for this day,
SAVE IT! I shalt not mistake your words for who you are
And then you who have remained silent during this day,
Take note that I shalt not forget your lack of familiarity.

And yet you who have come to me in flesh and warmth,
Be still, for you shall take refuge in my heart.
You who have remembered and cared enough to say it,
You shalt not see my wrath, but my love
You who have laid upon me your smile,
I shall lay upon you my trust and friendship.
You my friend, who came from the masses which wore facades,
Stand out beautifully from them in my eyes.
So thank you, thank you, thank you,
For being my light within this darkness…

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