February 11, 2012
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Meaning: Would you die with your loved body part, or would you live feeling empty?


Arms lay numb,

His life merely there as his twitching body began with his thumb,

Cutting limb from limb to save a dead body,

The surgeons look happy to cut one by one as if it were their hobby,

He doesn’t know what will happen as he lay there drug filled,

It would have been better if he was killed,

Losing a limb of what you were,

The sound of the machine gave a rhythmical slur,

What if you’re an artist?

What if you’re a guitarist?

A way a ballerina dances will never be seen again,

Surgeons who think we are their stuntmen,

Will our eyes shine bright with excitement as we see it gone?

Will we be as happy as to fawn?

Is life worth living as we see we have nothing truly special to offer?

Or are you okay with feeling the part that is missing is like a foster,

To your bare side that you’ll never have,

You have had an amputation,

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