Rantings of An American Teenager

February 22, 2012
By , Woodville, MA
The dirt stained tears of a child with nothing but a single pea on their plate to fill their stomach for the day, maybe week.

Yet here we sit.
At the dinner table with half a meal ate;
Leftovers gone with Thursday’s trash collection.

Why can’t we help them?
Not just the children in Africa, but the people on our soil too.
We pass them daily on the city street.
The rapid movement of our heads ducking to avoid the gaze of

The wheel chair bound veteran begging on the street.
The single mom struggling to make ends meet.
The malnourished, nameless faces of children with nothing to eat.
The Saudi Arabian women whose faces can’t be seen,
The abused children, adults, animals and drugs.

Not to mention the city streets overrun by thugs,
The pregnant teenager with nowhere left to run.
The broken bodies of men destroyed by war,
And the billion dollar crisis upsetting the Earth’s core.

What about the migrant workers forced to labor in the fields
And the underpaid workers hidden in factories worldwide?
We hear the words, see the pictures, but force the “rumors” to the back of our heads.
If nothing is done they will all end up dead.

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