The truth hurts

February 22, 2012
I would trade places if I could
I want to make you happy
I want to be that person you wake up next to
The person that holds your hand no matter what is going on

I guess I don’t feel good enough for you
My world is crashing down
And the only thing keeping me sane
Is the memory of you

I might tell others that your memory doesnt’t remain
Truth is I can’t get you off of my mind
At night I cry myself to sleep
Due to the fact my heart is aching

I have to fight myself just to walk away
It isn’t as easy as I thought it would be
Walking away from the one person who loved you more than anyone
It’s hard as h*** and I wish I didn’t have to do it

I guess it’s time to stop wishing
No matter how hard I wish
My heart will always hurt
These tears will always fall
And I will always be in love with you
yet without you

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