Broken hearted.

February 18, 2012
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Broken hearted.
You walked away before it ever started.
You lit me up to only cloud my star.
Now all im left with is a internal scar.
Everything I saw in you.
Could not be real, it was not true.
The hope that filled my soul.
Now striped away, was this always your goal?
You took my goodness.
Used it up with all your crudeness.
If you would have only opened your eyes.
You would have seen the wonderfulness to your own surprise.
All I asked for was for you to let me in.
I could have showed you a life with no sin.
Instead you thought only of your self.
Just like someone stuck on wealth.
You made me drown in all my tears.
You kept this going on for years.
I was stupid, stupid in love.
You new this and it fit for you just like a glove.
Perfect for your evil plan.
Your no real man.
You are a fool, whos confused by his own ways.
I will not worry because I know one day you will pay.
For every evil thing you ever did to me.
I find peace in only reveries.
You haunt me when I am awake.
Everything I realize was fake.
It hurts to feel these feelings for you.
When I know you do not feel them too.
I was not what you may have thought.
I wish I would have faught.
Faught the force that magnatized me to you.
I looked into your eyes and just knew.
I wish you would have let your walls down.
You would have realized and drifted off the ground.
My soul is nothing but pure.
I will still care for you always and that I fear.
I have let go.
But I will let you know.
This I wish would have never started.
Because now I'm left broken hearted.

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