A Flightless Hummingbird

February 17, 2012
By emmstar272 SILVER, Summit, New Jersey
emmstar272 SILVER, Summit, New Jersey
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A spotted nightingale; a fleeting heart
This is neither love song
Nor happy hello.
Because in the end, it is just good-bye
That lingers in the air
And holds the place of forever.

A dove consumed by dreams; a love unwound
This is the innocence
And transparency
Dancing in two’s blood, and fueling the mirth
That intertwines hearts
And carelessly binds them as one.

A passing halcyon; a clever crow
This is a faded dusk
After crimson days.
He is the city, that conceals the stars
And deceives the eye
Yearning for a heavenly light.

An extended absence; a fleeing swan
This is a firefly
That dies by morning.
She is the sparkle in an eye long gone
That always returns
Only to vanish with a blink.

A flightless hummingbird; a loveless kiss
This is the three years spent
Trapped inside my head.
Because every day our parting lingers
With each tacit word
And every meaningless moment.

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