February 17, 2012
One word, one meaning
Why does everyone think they have to be “perfect”?
Everyone thinks that Barbie, is “perfect”
Last time I checked Barbie was plastic. If you really want to be plastic go right ahead, but it doesn’t look like much fun to me.
Being 100 pounds is not “perfect.”
At all.
The effort to be perfect is exhausting. the effort to be you is like a unicorn, it's not there. it's effortless.
Whats perfect is you. Every single one of you.
Never look in the mirror and say “ew I’m ugly.”
Because YOU are not ugly, at all! What’s ugly is society. It is the ugliest thing out there.
It hides behind a mask, and haunts you, trying to make you feel bad about yourself.
You wear the very same mask if you try and fit in with it.
So go ahead, and rip the mask off. Show everyone how beautiful your face is without the mask on.
Spending all your money on designer clothes is not what makes you beautiful.
A 50 dollar shirt does NOT make you beautiful...
What makes you beautiful is being yourself.
Being YOU.
Starving yourself, or making yourself throw up is not pretty.
Why would you want to make yourself throw up and why would someone think that makes them attractive?
That is so gross, think about it, you are making yourself physically sick just so you can fit the ideal image of “perfect.”
Sick, throwing up, that is not okay. It is not pretty, it is not attractive, and it is NOT what you need to do to have people like you.
Society is sick but it shouldn’t make you sick.
It just makes you one of them, it makes you blend in. You should want to stand out, and show people who you really are.
Be the sun in a galaxy full of stars.
Be an individual. Be who you want to be.
Don’t listen to all the messed up people in the world.
Don’t listen to the fact that you are supposed to be 100 pounds to be beautiful.
Starving yourself is not beautiful.
Fitting into size 0 or extra small clothes at Abercrombie is not beautiful.
Blending in and letting society take you over is not beautiful.
Don’t let them suck you in.
Don’t starve yourself.
Don’t cut yourself.
Don’t commit suicide.
Don’t hate yourself.
Don’t fall for their dirty game.
Stand up, and show the world how absolutely beyond gorgeous you really are.
You are beautiful on the inside always. What makes people think they have the right to tell you, you aren’t?
Don’t change for anybody, and never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough.
Because you are. Being you is always good enough.
Being you should be effortless, just like how the sun rises and sets every day without any effort at all. You shouldn’t have to try to be yourself, it should just come to you. And you shouldn’t have to hold back from being yourself just because society doesn’t like it.
If someone is going to judge you just listen to it and laugh.
Put a huge smile on your beautiful face and walk away.
They clearly have nothing better to do but bring you down, which just means you are above them.
Remember that there is always someone out there looking up to you. That ant is looking up to you and should be jealous because you are so much farther above them. You are being yourself and they are to scared to get stepped on and brought down to step outside of the “perfectly” built and structured ant hill that they will always be living in.
That ant is letting society take over and tell them who and what to be. They are scared and they are never going to be able to get out of their ant hill and become what they want.
So don’t change who you are.
Be you. Not someone you’re not.
Do what you want to do.
Join the clubs you want to.
Take the classes you want to.
Read the books you want to.
Play the sports you want to.
Write, read, explore and have fun. You only live once, and you should be living for yourself and no one else.

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ZoB1234 said...
Mar. 8, 2012 at 6:46 am
Real talk. Good job, Elizabeth!
waddup said...
Mar. 8, 2012 at 6:44 am
This is so good! It's exactly what society is like.
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