Six Ways of Looking at a Cat

February 16, 2012
Haunting its prey,
It creeps down the hall,
Ever so slowly
Making sure that its prey doesn’t suspect a thing.
As it passes, its stalky shadow follows close behind,
Reminding you that you are not alone.
All of a sudden, it has made its move,
And its deed is done,
And it creeps back to its corner,
Like nothing even happened.

Its as if it rolls its eyes with every step.
It wants nothing to do with you,
Unless it involves its favorite thing,
With one soft meow,
It walks past you,
Barely brushing its soft,
Silky fur against your bare feet.
With just a look from those,
You know you need to back off.

You hear that purr,
And you’re hooked.
It’s like a magnet,
And it pulls you in with just the softest stare.
Once you go near, you can never go away.
It holds you in, like a sponge absorbs water,
It wont let you leave,
Without one last scratch.
It’s manipulative,
And you can’t depart from its love.

It’s a target.
Once it moves,
I will move,
And we chase and chase,
All daylong.
Once I catch its tail, the game starts again,
And goes on
And on
And on.
A dog’s duty is to chase,
And that’s what I must do,
It decides to chase me.

I know it’ll keep my secret,
Who will it tell?
It’s always there for me,
When I’m down,
Or just need to talk.
We share a bond like best friends should,
And we never
Go behind each other’s back.

It’s love.
A bundle of love,
Never harmful,
Never rude.
With every purr comes so much affection,
And when you hear that purr,
You know everything will be okay.

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