Fantastic Fantasy

April 9, 2008
By Mihee Kim, Havertown, PA

The fragrance of earth slapped me in the face.
Oh sweet spring, an apple’s added at grace.
Avalon is a smooth seaside blanket.
Up a mountain green tall-coned trees are fit.
The snowboarding relaxed the sweet, wet, snow.
Nostrils flare, eyes droop and sleep hangs out below.
Beautiful Hawaii beckons; waves crash.
I enter a fresh world; aromas clash.
The beach recedes, then perfumes assault me.
Carefree pie days from heaven, sent with glee.
No more homework, teachers gone, leashes broke.
The friends frolic without fear; bar scent of coke.
Spring Break: life, liberty, and happiness!
Back to school is truly sappiness.

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