Easter March

April 9, 2008
By Victoria Keyser, Havertown, PA

While exiting Haverford’s hallowed halls,
squeals, laughter, and screams pour out of the walls.
Grabbed pussy willow branch with soft white fur.
Mouth parched, quick drink, cold, wet excuse me, sir.

Wear black track slacks for running with my sis.
Wet dog, fresh mud, blooming Hyacinth Bliss
Easter basket bounty is New Orleans
after the flood with peeps and jelly beans.
Aroma of chocolate, polish fumes.
Salad, ham in the oven, hats with plumes.

Dogwood branches wave in the wind keeping
Rhythm, with dancing daffodils sleeping
in no longer due to March Madness time.
Carefree days filled with pies of green key lime.

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