The Storm

February 16, 2012
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As the grey clouds roll across the night sky 
I became terrified but I don't know why
I can see from my window inside my house
And no one is home so it's as quiet as a mouse

In one quick second the rain begins 
I open the window and feel it on my skin
The cold rain crawls across my skin
I decide to close the window to where  it had been

A roll of thunder and the lightings loud smack
The next thing I heard was a huge crack
I looked to my left and the first thing I saw 
Was the tree next door starting to fall

The next thing I knew the lighting had struck 
And on its way was a big firetruck
A fire had began in one of the trees
And the fireman were trying to put it at ease

The damage was vast
But it was cleaned up fast
Then came a sunny day
And we hoped that the rain would stay away

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