Just a Shadow

February 18, 2012
The cold metal blade seemed to feel so good on his skin.
He was ready to purge himself of life and sin.
For far too long he’s waited.
He wanted to disappear from this world he hated.
He had nothing here, no true friends, no one to help, and nothing at all.
After 6 years of depression, he still had no one to call.
He didn’t want to, he didn’t have the guts.
He thought, “I’m just a shadow; invisible! Just a spec in the dust!”
His mind moved his hands like he had no control.
And he wanted that blade to rid him of his soul.
He stared straight into the sharp end.
His heart pounding, hands shaking, he thought he had pain that no one could mend.
As he sat on his bed, wondering why he felt like this,
He thought about what it would feel like; to him it seemed like bliss.
Every minute the blade drew more near,
What was he thinking? Maybe it was just fear.
Fear for his future, fear of his past.
He had given up hope, and that can’t be fixed with a cast.
The blade now was inches from his open mouth.
He thought that his life would only continue south.
And at that very moment, it had seemed like the world had been shushed.
And with a last thought of the one he loved, he pushed…

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Rhi12 said...
Feb. 24, 2012 at 3:09 pm
Though I'm not too fond of people who commit suicide I thought this poem was well done good job.
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