The Game

April 9, 2008
By Lindsey Heimbach, Selinsgrove, PA

A devil’s smile, playful eyes
She loves him well and he loves her lies
He’s like a dog, to please his master
She’s not impressed; he must work faster

He lives for her, each breath and sigh
Each new fur coat, each silken tie
And still she claims it’s not enough
He must do more to prove his love

Now he’s grown tired and wants to stop
She looks at him and kills the thought
He feebly tries to crawl away
The old ropes break, he’s got his day

Her sharp words and silver knives
His sad attempts and waning life
She says you’ll never leave again
Not when I’m through with you, my friend

The game is up, he’s lying still
She’s sitting pretty with her kill
Her faithful boy has gone away
She smiles, she finally got her way

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