Back When...

April 9, 2008
By jackie cohen, Havertown, PA

Childhood is like reciting a memorable song.
Playing outside from dawn to dusk warheads-Dorney Park.
We will meet at the end of the street, be sure to bring your imagination along.
Parents say not to be startled by cops&robbers-afriad of the dark.
My Innocents are in this field while I watch drifting daisies dong.
Childhood is recess-hi ho the cherry-o a crush has formed on a boy named mark.
There is so much to be discovered, but the beach is where I belong.
Playing tag gave me an adrenaline rush like making a spark.
Waiting in line for vanilla ice-cream took 1,000 years, but was actually quick like a game of ping-pong.
Crying to mom and dad about nightmares filled with sharks.
Childhood is learning you rights from wrongs.
Exploring friendly new places like Lewis and Clark.
Climbing up the heinous tree in the front yard made you feeling stronger then King-Kong.
Chocolate-summer camps, a Barbie dream house, and an affable hello from my favorite dogs bark.
A small pink room was where I laid my head a night; with my stuffed animal’s throng.

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