Eleven Ways to Look at Carmen

April 9, 2008
By Carmen Beam, Greenville, SC

1. Carmen is a Christian
She loves to go to church
And lives for God

2. Carmen loves sports.
Soccer, volleyball, and basketball

3. Carmen is a leader
Captain of the soccer team
She shoots, she scores

4. Her long, curly hair
Flows in the wind
Carmen, Carmen let
Down your long hair

5. Dreams of going to Spain
Always crossing her mind

6. Carmen plus Anna
Equals BTFL

7. A beauty queen at
Such a young age
Little Miss South Carolina

8. She has been singing
Her heart out since she was 2
On TV and at church

9. When the sun shines
Her eyes glisten like
A diamond in the rough

10. She is always smiling
Even when times
Are at their worst

11. Carmen is a friend
She loves to hang out
And lives for fun

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