April 9, 2008
By Victoria Kaczynksi, Medford, NJ

There’s a shining light
That never seems to fade
In a world where
Darkness coats every being
In anticipation of a
Spiraling downfall
For humanity,
I must find this everlasting
Glow of rising hope.

I know it to be
Noble and that should count for
Something, somewhere.
But, I am not searching for it
To be noble,
Not searching for it
To be rewarded,
Not searching for it
To be glorified,
I need it.

I need this last chance
To prove to everyone I am
Worth living for,
I have a purpose.
Not just some stupid
Lowlife teenager
That’s freeloading.
That won’t
Be me.

Because in the end
When everything’s set in stone,
I will be remembered.
For the person I truly was.
Not as a hero,
I don’t wish for that,
But as the girl who came from
And accomplished
The girl with doubts
Shadowing overhead.

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