Snow White Lily

April 9, 2008
By Maggie McGowan, Richardson, TX

Hello and goodbye my snow white lily,
It seems as if you hardly glow anymore.
You’re withering like a dead animal against the cold,
The white graveyard splattered with your blood.
People pass you with their rosy checks gleaming with warmth,
And their eyes scan over you.
You are invisible.
You are noticed as much as the tears running down your smooth skin.
You wander the endless road,
Struggling to breath, limping with every step,
And leaning on yourself for your crutch.
The majestic red petals are falling down one by one,
Blowing away in the wind.
The pit you’ve fallen into keeps getting deeper.
The sky pitch black.
Hello again my snow white lily.
The stone floor is ice against your ivory skin.
The broken heart of yours has crumbled.
The sun has been covered by a cloud.
You’re a piece of meat left for the dogs.
You’re a weed grown unwanted,
A baby born unloved,
A marriage left unfaithful.
The waves of sadness are crashing over you.
The nightmare is your life and you can’t wake up.
Goodbye my snow white lily.
The tide has risen.
The fire has spread.
The old fall down from age.
Your silken locks fall out in clumps.
You pale flesh stretched tight against the bones.
Your body is hungry and screams for food.
Oh my snow white lily!
Your back is hunched from the burden of the world.
The dark circles under your sapphire eyes.
The red rivers flowing down your arms.
The white flag is up, tattered with shame.
The blanket of earth is so warm,
Compared to the cold life you live in.
Sleep well my snow white lily.

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